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Getting your book published can seem overwhelming to aspiring authors. But it need not be. One of the first steps you can take when it comes to publishing a book is to educate yourself.

I love showing people how to avoid the pitfalls of spending tens of thousands of unnecessary dollars getting a book professionally published.

Hardback, Paperback and eBook

Whether you want to publish a paperback novel, a cookbook, self-help books, a memoir, eBook, or a hardcover children’s book with full color illustrations, I can teach you how to get your wanna-be-book(s) published for your own personal use, to give to family and friends or to sell through major distribution channels and online websites such as

Your Book, Your Copyrights, Your Profits

As little as ten years ago – the path to publishing was dependent on Traditional publishing companies or Vanity press pay-services, often times giving up the rights to your book.

Self-publishing changed all that! Today, you can own your book, retain all your rights, and keep more or the profits. I show you how to easily Do-It-Yourself, and avoid having your book fall into the wrong hands.

No Inventory Required

You will learn the secrets of how to get your books in the hands of major book distributors for sale in bookstores and made available in libraries. You will learn how to avoid purchasing boxes and boxes of books, only to have them end up sitting around in your garage, waiting to be sold. You will also learn how to quickly get listed on and other online print book and ebook marketplaces world-wide. You will learn how to take control, without taking stock!

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