Rent My RV

Renting My RV

It’s not a good idea to let a vehicle sit idle in storage for very long. When I am not using it, I have decided to go ahead and rent it out as a way of giving my RV the kind of constant exercise that will keep it running in tip top shape.

I keep my RV stocked with everything I normally use when going on a trip. This way, all the renter has to do is pack their clothes, buy their food and go and have fun.

I’ve put together an operations guide that is packed full of helpful tips along with full instructions for using all the features that are included in my RV. Additionally I spend time with my renters to show them how to do everything and answer their questions prior to them leaving on their trip.

So far so good. At first, I started renting my RV through rental platforms. I still advertise on some of those platforms but, now I am also set up to where people can just directly come to me to book my RV for their vacation.

I love sharing my love for travel with other adventurers like this. I also am enjoying the extra income it is affording me. Income which I will use to be a little more extravagant than I have been in the past while traveling.

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