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My motto is “Attitude is so important!”

I aspire to “Be the Change I Want to See in the World.” I prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things and hope to one day be able to say that I have traveled around the world.

I am from Southern California in the United State of America.

I speak fluent English, although,  as I travel to different parts of the world, I try to at least familiarize myself with the language out of respect for the culture and to be able to communicate as best as I can with the people .

My career background has been in early childhood education.

I have owned Building Blocks preschool for over 20 years, taught after school art and music programs and have since written and self-published several books ranging from children’s storybooks to caring for the elderly.

I’m a natural born teacher and entrepreneur. Having started several businesses throughout my adult life, I have worn many different hats. Some endeavors were more successful than others, but all learning experiences that I am grateful for.

I am most passionate about inspiring people to write a book.

I love teaching about what I know and am passionate about. I’d love to see others write down and publish their own stories in a book. I tell people all the time, “Even if there are a thousand books on the shelf about the same subject, everyone’s voice matters and no two books will ever be written in exactly the same way.”

I am also passionate about supporting people who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle by eating better, getting off sugar, and becoming more active.

I love to travel.

As a member of,,, and, I have chosen to participate in work exchange opportunities both abroad and here in the United States .

So far it has afforded me the pleasure of being able to travel to England, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, South Korea, Japan and throughout the United States.  For me, it’s the people that I have the good fortune of meeting in my travels, not necessarily the places I visit, that interest me the most.

I pride myself in being a very easy going, responsible woman.

I am mature but fun loving. I am strong but feminine. I am healthy but not fanatical. I am patient and very kind. I am also self-sufficient, reliable, and trustworthy. I adapt well to different situations, respectfully step in to take care of things whenever I see a need and have always been very family oriented. I do not smoke, drink or do drugs. I also am not fond of watching TV. I prefer to go out to the movies or to a play to see a live performance.

Having owned a home and raised a large family, I am very experienced with household chores, have excellent organizational skills, like to cook and get my hands dirty in the garden. I’m pretty hand with small home repairs that may involve a hammer, screwdriver, plaster, wallpaper,  brush and paint.

I’m good with computers, have used WordPress, love Photoshop, and I like putting together family videos from old photos for personal as well as commercial use publication for YouTube.  In fact, it’s an enjoyable hobby (and little business on the side) of mine.

Other hobbies of mine are oil and acrylic painting, clay sculpting, and anything to do with making crafts for fun and profit.

As far as outdoor sports I like to go bike riding, I love to go on cruises (although I suppose that’s not really a sport), but I do love being on the water whether that be to swim, sail, row or cruise.


REFERENCES Contact information for these and other references available upon request.

“Elaine stayed with us for a week and I only have good comments about her. The job I asked was well done and I also appreciated cooking together, learning the recipe of home made pasta and baking Belgian waffles with my children and grand-daughter. We went to a concert in the area and I was happy to see she enjoyed it. Nice moments together. Elaine is easy going and always in a good mood. Some days she has been doing things on her own, visiting Brussels, so we both had private moments and cohabitation was very easy.  Also our discussions were nice, learning things from the US and talking to your son in Seoul. Thanks for all Elaine. I wish you a wonderful trip around the world, meet nice people and fully enjoy your travel!”
Karin Delande
Belgium, Europe

“Wonderful traveler and guest. Thoughtful about being on the site, happily shared information she’d gathered on the public transport options she discovered to get to San Francisco so we can share those with other guests. Welcome to our home anytime in the future!”                                                           Kelly Keogh
Santa Rosa, CA

“What a pleasant creative lady and a welcome guest. We would love to have her back anytime!”
Jonathan Epps
Spirit Lake, ID

“It was a pleasure to host Elaine. Easy, flexible, full of enthusiasm and great at sharing experiences! Great Guest!”
Richard Mehl
Richmond, Canada